Being pregnant during the holiday months of November, December, and January makes the holidays feel even more special. It means you have even more reasons to celebrate, and when friends and family come over it means you do not have to strain as much as you otherwise would have.

That being said, there are a number of things that you have to be aware of as a mom-to-be over the holiday season. For starters, you can no longer eat everything you see, and you have to try hard to get through everything you need to with the least amount of stress possible. Here is a list of tips to help you out this holiday season.

1. Stay close to home
Holidays are times to travel and visit friends and family. If you are pregnant, you have to put all that on hold and just stay at home. Holidays can be extra stressful, especially if you throw travelling into the mix. By staying close to home, you will be giving yourself some piece of mind, especially knowing that you are pretty close to your healthcare professional, just in case. Staying home also means that you will be taking things extra easy, and that’s very important.

2. Do not strain too much
You do not have to attend every party. You do not have to get everyone a present. You do not have to go anywhere or do anything. Know your limits and stick to them, because straining yourself and wearing yourself out will not do anyone any good.

3. Get your doctor’s holiday schedule beforehand
Asking about your doctor’s schedule ahead of time will help you plan your own schedule. It will also give you some piece of mind knowing for sure when your doctor is available and when they are not, to help you set up your back up plans.

4. Skip the cheese
Consuming unpasteurized cheese and dairy products poses the risk of listeria, which can be really dangerous to both you and the baby. Avoid feta, brie, queso fresco, Roquefort, and camembert. You should also skip all bites of smoked seafood and refrigerated pates.

5. Turn down the eggnog
Eggnog is a bad idea when you are pregnant. Even if it is virgin eggnog, there is a good chance it was made with raw eggs, so it is not safe to consume during pregnancy. Turn down all eggnog unless you are 100% sure it is pasteurized eggnog.

6. If the meat seems under cooked, don’t eat it
If you are pregnant during thanksgiving, be weary of the turkey. Basically, most under cooked animal foods can be harmful to your growing baby. So be careful about the red meat, poultry, some seafood, and eggs. Only eat it if you are absolutely sure it is very thoroughly cooked.

7. Avoid the cookie dough
Anything with raw or under cooked eggs can contain salmonella, which can cause many problems for you and your unborn child. This is why you should avoid cookie dough like the plague if you are pregnant over the holidays. Do not even have a small taste of it as you bake.

The trick to savoring the holidays while pregnant is slowing down while everyone else is speeding through the season. Your baby is your top priority, so everything from friends, family, parties, marathon shopping sessions, and travel needs to take a backseat.