Celebrations of Baby Shower

Baby showers: the celebration of the final few months of a mother’s pregnancy. All friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers get together to pamper the mom to be. The mother is showered with lavish gifts for her and her newborn.The excitement of a baby’s arrival makes everyone happy and involved. The parents to be prepares for the new born child while the relatives wait anxiously to see their new family member. Baby showers can be a wonderful surprise for a pregnant women and make the experience much more special and memorable.

Gifts that Guests should Bring to Baby Shower

Here are few suggestions for any guests who are unsure of what to get the mother and child.

Pregnancy Pillow: One of the most useful gifts to give during the final few months of pregnancy. The baby bump is larger than ever and a good sleeping position is difficult to find.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity clothes are always useful during pregnancy. The mother will be comfortable- being comfortable is a rarity for pregnant women.

Breast Pump: Useful for when mothers continue their daily lives after pregnancy.

Soother or Pacifier: After delivery, pacifiers should be considered heavenly gift; newborns need soothing so the comfort of a pacifier will let the mother rest.

Diaper Bag: Large capacity bags with diapers, bottles, new clothing, wipes, and possible USB ports.

What to Do at Baby Showers

There are numerous games you could play in the party. Bring some refreshments and snacks and allow the mother to take any breaks needed during the event.





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